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Hello these are my interest and hobbies I like various types of music and

       My music types vary such as

 Of traditional rock and alternative

I like pictures such as fantasy art and

TATTOOS  I like artists such as Pepp from Tattoos ink, Spacey, Bob Oil, etc

 Fantasy art some of my favourite artists are Rodney Mathews, Luis Royo, Tom Woods etc

If there are any comments or suggestions

 please email AT THE address below

Black Sabbath    Die Krupps   Exorcist   Dio ,  Doro   great white    Hawk wind   Motorhead   Ozzy Osbourne  The Cult    Venom  Corrosion Of Conformity   Danzig   Megadeth  Paradise Lost  Magnum   13 candles   AC DC -King Diamond   Mission  nightwing  Rush   The Stranglers  Accept   Kingdom Come   Demon -Rob Zombie   Satanic Rites  Slayer    ted nugent   The Sisters Of Mercy   Therapy  Today is the Day   UDO   Van Halen  Monster Magnet   AliceCooper  Lita Ford  Cloven Hoof  soux  TRIUMPH  Europe  Kreator   BULLDOZER  ONSLAUGHT  Killing Joke  Suicidal Tendencies  Testament   Faith No More  Samael    wendy o willams Plasmatics  Angel Witch  msg

                                                         devil II






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